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Royal enfield dating certificate

Willing to negotiate a good price to secure the purchase. Oslo, Norway Information on RE Serial Numbers Wed Jan 15 2014 kitrv at Carb Royal Enfield 350cc Hi I have just purchased a 350cc Royal Enfield 1954.

Australia Tue Apr 08 2014 pereberg at Which year Royal Enfield Bullet 500 G26447 on frame near steering handle. It has an alloy head but I am not sure of the exact model.

It was restored during the 1950s and has a pioneer Certificate issued in 1958 by the Sunbeam MCC recording its manufacture date as 1911.

It also has a UK Registration Certificate from 2008 when it was owned by the Wards. The latter (2C III 16418) was included in the purchase.

Cheers Keith Hodgson Yorkshire, UK Royal-Enfield-1912-345will be posted-1706 Mon Jan 30 2017tess.enarsson at outlook.comcolor of green Motorcycle Royal Enfield royal enfield 1931 H.

A Brief History of the Marque In the early 1890s Albert Eadie and R.

W Smith bought the bicycle business of George Townsend near Redditch to form the Eadie Manufacturing Company. Ltd and had moved to Redditch and by 1899 they were producing a De Dion powered tricycle, with Motosacoche v-twins among the product by 1910.

Nicknamed 'Slim Jim', it was last used in 1962 (a tax disc dated February 1961 is still attached).

It was purchased for the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection at a auction in Henley-on-Thames in July, 2009, and purchased by Transport World in May 2016.

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I can get it to run all be it roughly and it does not take the revs. I tried to do a little search about Royal Enfield 1937 but couldn't find any info.

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